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An easy-to-use publishing platform

Publiczr lets you create your own newspaper, user-driven content site or blog. 

From writing articles and blog posts, uploading images, sharing recipes, discussing politics, or something completely different – you’re the publisher!

As a publiczr user, you’ll get access to a vast array of features and cutting-edge technology that will help you reach your publishing goals!


Why Publiczr?

Get access to state-of-the-art article templates, including built-in custom graphs, polls, flowcharts, embedded widgets and lots other exiting community features.

Achieve unique insights into user interaction and traffic on your website, including individual article analysis, individual contributor analysis, commercial aspects breakdown and suggestions on what types of content will work best with your community in terms of traffic and revenue.

Earn money from your community news site – From ads, from sponsored stories and from partner deals. We’ll handle everything – all you need do is to create content – we’ll do the rest.

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Create a FREE Account

Create your own FREE Publiczr account via Facebook Connect or your Google account. Follow the getting-started wizard, choose your templates and finish the setup process.

2. Invite Collaborators

Invite friends and fellow community enthusiasts to join the editorial and admin staff for your new online newspaper and community hub. Assign diffent roles and administrator rights. Once invited, everybody can begin posting articles, blogging and create content.

3. Launch your site!

Once your site is ready for launch, you can open up for new users. Invite community users to join and participate in your new online community newspaper.

Key Features

Check out some of our key features

State-of-the-art CMS tool

A free state of the art CMS tool, that allows you to start your own FREE online newspapers in a few minutes.

Community features

A wide range of community features, including an advanced comment system, user profiles, up/down voting articles, community profiles and much, much more.

Insights on-the-go

Get super insights from site statistics, user referrals, article usage and popularity and loads more from our sophisticated, integrated site analytics tool.

Great user interface

A wide range of tools, that allow you to create beautiful articles, blogs, video posts and much more – including multimedia integrations, advanced graphs, voting systems and social media integrations.


Get your own domain integrated with your Publiczr site. Or let us handle everything, if you are not a tech buff.

New revenue streams

Earn revenue from Ads, Native ads, Patreon users and sponsored content. We will handle everything and share the revenue with you.

Go ads-free!

Go premium and get a higher share of the Ad-revenue or decide to make your Publiczr site completely Ads-free. The choice is yours!

Subscription support

Create premium content and earn subscription revenue. Allow paying subscribers to access the premium content behind a payment wall. You decide the pricing structure and you pick the content.

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Some of our happy users

Sites that already use Publiczr include:


A year ago, my wife and I launched a travel site. The content is entirely created by travelers all over the world who want to share their personal stories. Publiczr helped us get started with everything from the technical setup to creating contributor logins. Creating an online newspaper with Publiczr is easy!
Tomas Villum Jensen
Film director & Travel Enthusiast
Working as Editor in Chief for the online news paper, 180Grader, I hold the overall responsibility for the news papers’ content. Publiczr was the right choice for us because of its intuitive design, which has made publishing simple for our contributors and in turn made my job a whole lot easier!
Claes Theilgaard
Editor in Chief, 180Grader