Meet the team behind Publiczr

The mission is to create a revolutionary site-builder, where it is possible to drag and drop the layout of your dreams, and add content with ease.

Publiczr is supported by Dico, a privately held venture capital company, investing in outstanding SaaS companies with proof of product,  1st class management teams and scalable business models.

We are always open for a talk or a meeting. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jimmi Meilstrup

Co-Founder & CEO

Brian Clausen

Co-Founder & CTO

Elias Naur

Developer & Advisor

Mikael Konnerup

Investor & Management

Jesper Lohmann

Investor & Management

3 Wise Monkeys

Frontend & Design

Frederik Skovgaard-Holm

Business Development

Philip Risvad

Operations Officer

Michael Chabert

Board member