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About Media Group Danmark

Media Group Denmark is an association of Danish online media that wants to maximize earnings by giving professional advice and utilizing their strong community. In addition to helping with increasing earnings, Media Group Denmark also help with traffic optimization.

About Nyheder24

Nyheder24 is a well-driven online news media, focused on generating traffic from social media and related platforms and optimizing the advertising performance.

With tons of daily articles and the special requirements of fast speed + ad serving with different automated integrations, Publiczr was the perfect match for Nyheder24.

The Case

Nyheder24 has a lot of visitors to their site, which generates a lot of traffic. It is very important for Nyheder24 that they can make changes to their layout without disturbing their customers' experience when visiting their site.

This is possible on Publiczr's platform. With Publiczr, Nyheder24 can make layout changes, move advertisements around to find out what works best, and much more. These changes happen instantly without disrupting the visitor experience. This provides a seamless user experience for their millions of visitors every single month.