A new publication needed to find the perfect content management system

About Kontrast

Kontrast is a newly started online media with a liberal perspective on the political development in Denmark. Kontrast publish 2-3 articles, news or podcasts every day to their paying members.

Why did they choose Publiczr?

When Kontrast started in 2020 they needed a content management system which could meet their needs:

“We wanted a CMS that could meet our needs for making quick changes in our site's layout. In addition we needed a simple system that did not require us to employ a developer. We could get this from Publiczr. I can make all necessary layout changes myself. In addition, we wanted a system that had all the necessary integrations that we needed for our site, and Publiczr could give us exactly that.”
Niels Preysz, CEO Kontrast

The ability to have full control to easily change their site's layout is essential for Kontrast, as it gives them the opportunity to design their very own look, without requiring special IT skills:

"Publiczr makes room for a more unique layout expression without the huge digital prerequisites."
Niels Preysz, CEO Kontrast

Favorite features

Publiczr's intuitive builder with a drag and drop function makes it easy to make layout changes. Also it is possible to make your own templates, which makes you able to quickly change layouts for campaigns, special occasions and other events:

“We emphasize developing templates that are adapted to our daily needs and that can be easily updated as needed.”
Niels Preysz, CEO Kontrast

It was important to Kontrast that they could keep their paying customers and easily manage their payments and control what type of content should be available to premium customers exclusively: 

“In addition, we have a number of customers who pay for our premium content. Publiczr provides the opportunity to manage these customers, so that everything from login to payment is combined in one system.”
Niels Preysz, CEO Kontrast

Another important thing that Kontrast highlights is the opportunity to get support directly from Publiczr if there are any questions about the system or the features. This often saves them a lot of time compared to other solutions they considered:

"If there is something we cannot figure out, it is possible to get support directly from Publiczr."
Niels Preysz, CEO Kontrast