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Publiczr is a full CMS solution. All our prices includes hosting, updates, SSL certificates and support.

Our prices start at DKK 899 per month and scales with traffic volume, server and support requirements. We do not limit features and as such all CMS features described on this page are available to all customers.

Pricing guidelines

Medium volume sites with 1TB - 5TB monthly data usage are hosted on shared servers and priced around 2,500 DKK - 4,500 DKK. High volume sites with > 5TB monthly traffic are hosted on dedicated servers and start at 7,500 DKK.

Startup fees and data migration

Besides our monthly service fee, we offer several startup packages depending on your needs. Whether you need us to make a design implementation or migrate data from your previous site we can also help you with that. This is however optional as you can freely do this yourself or hire a third party to handle it.

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