6 Quick Questions with Media Group Denmark

Media Group Denmark is an association of Danish online media. They do an impressive job of generating traffic on their sites. They have a large portfolio of sites they manage. Including Dagens.dk and Nyheder24 which have millions of visitors every single month.

We met up with Arvind from Media Group Denmark to ask him 6 quick question about the collaboration with Publiczr:

Who are you and what is your job at Media Group Denmark?

"I'm Arvind Tacouri, Performance Marketing Manager at MGDK. I've worked with several CMS systems throughout my career, including Magento Enterprise, Drupal, Wordpress and Prestashop."

How long have MGDK been using Publiczr and how did you find it?

"February 2022. Found it through a colleague."

What challenges did you face before you found Publiczr, and how has Publiczr helped solve this problem?

"The CMS systems used before had to be tailored to be a news publishing website. Publiczr is a news publishing CMS that we have been tailoring to fit our needs better."

Which of Publiczr's functions are the most important for your site?

"In one word: Brian (Publiczr's CTO), i.e. great support & development team.

But to answer your question, for my team, it would be the flexible layout builder, while for the editors/journalists, it's the straightforward block system for building articles."

How is your experience using Publiczr?

"As an admin on the platform, there is a slight learning curve, while for our editors, it has been a smooth transition and there was little to no training required to get them onboarded. We have seen the platform grow from an out-of-the-box CMS to a finely tuned publishing powerhouse which caters for our monetizing needs as well as that of our different traffic channels."

Would you recommend Publiczr to others?